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About Us

SJDM WooDPushers is an organisation of like-minded individuals who are passionate about playing Chess. It was founded in 2013 by Michael M. Linde. He was a Chess player of the University he attended and hold the board no. 1 during his stint. After then, he participated in several tournaments across the country in which he became Champions to most, if not, 1st runner-up. In this regard, he established SJDM WooDPushers to promote Chess among peers and to those who enjoyed this game.

SJDM WooDPushers comprise of Chess enthusiasts from Luzon, the northern island of the Philippines. The tournaments are flocked by people from different walks of life. Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Business Owners, Retirees, Students, Blue Collar Workers, etc. from different places congregate to the venue and meet their minds. In the game of Chess, all men are equal and all that matter is the art of moving the Chess pieces with the aim of capturing the King or force to surrender his kingdom.

SJDM WooDPushers Society Officers
President: Michael M. Linde
Vice-President: Ronald M. De Leon
Secretary: Freddie C. Salonga
Treasurer: Reymon C. Mendoza
P.R.O. : Ritchie M. Villanueva
Auditor: Pepito de Rojo
Adviser: Paul Dennis M. Linde
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