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4 May 2014, Chess Tournament at Bgy. Hall, Area D

This is a one-day tournament organised by the Officers and Crews of SJDM WooDPushers. This was held at the Bgy. Sta Cruz Area D. A total of thirty (30) participants have turned up for the game. This consists of players who have joined the countries prestigious Chess competitions such as the Central Luzon Regional Athletic Association (CLRAA), University Athletic Associations of the Philippines (UAAP), etc. Varsities from reputable Universities in the country's capital, Manila like Letran, Adamson and San Sebastian Colleges became a typical sight. However, let us not understimate the presence of dark horses in this kind of tournament who surprise even the high-rated players.

Girls and kids were paired to their father-figure counterpart while beautiful yet serious looking women of Chess do not really bothered with their male opponents.

In the end, the game was ended with frowns and with some showing feeling of regrets but smiles were visible to three players scoring equal points in this tournament.

Another accomplishment by SJDM WoodPushers...Thanks to all Participants. For our mementos, please Click Here

Congratulations !!!

to the following WooDPushers who topped the recently concluded Chess tournament organized by the officers and crews of SJDM WooDPushers.

Three players have scored similar points at the end of one-day gruelling matches among participants. Arranged in alphabetical order, they are;


Mr. Benjamin Lising is a Chess Varsity from Letran University taking up Marketing course. Mr. Oscar Saspa is an English Teacher from Korean School while Mr. Tecarlo Sayawan is a Business Owner selling machine spare parts and motor oils from neighboring Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

From the officers and crews of SJDM WooDPushers, our heartfelt Congratulations to the above Gentlemen and sincerest thanks to the rest of participants. See you all again next tournament.

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